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Elected Officials

United States Congressman George Miller
United States Congressman John Garamendi
United States Congressman Mike Thompson
California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson
California State Senator Lois Wolk
California State Senator Noreen Evans
California State Senator Mark DeSaulnier
California State Assemblymember Mariko Yamada
California State Assemblymember Michael Allen
California State Assemblymember Susan Bonilla
California State Assemblymember Tom Hannigan (ret.)
California State Assemblymember Helen Thomson (ret.)
Solano County District Attorney Don du Bain
Solano County Sheriff Gary Stanton
Solano County Treasurer Chuck Lomeli
Solano County Assessor Mark Tonneson
Solano County Controller/Auditor Simona Padilla Scholtens
Solano County Superintendent of Schools Jay Speck
Solano County Superintendent of Schools Dee Alarcon (ret.)
Solano County Board of Education Member Mayrene Bates
Solano County Board of Education Member Ray Silva
Solano County Board of Education Member Michelle Coleman
Solano Community College Board Member Denis Honeychurch
Solano Community College Board Member A. Marie Young
Solano Community College Board Member Sarah Chapman
Solano Community College Board Member Rosemary Thurston
Solano Community College Board Member Catherine Ritch
Solano County Supervisor Don Pippo (ret.)
Solano County Supervisor Jan Hewitt (ret.)
Solano County Supervisor Duane Kromm (ret.)
Solano County Supervisor Ruth Forney (ret.)
Solano County Supervisor Lee Sturn-Simmons (ret.)
Benicia Mayor Elizabeth Patterson
Benicia Mayor Jerry Hayes (ret.)
Benicia City Councilmember Tom Campbell
Benicia City Councilmember Dan Smith (ret.)
Benicia City Councilmember Mike Ioakimedes (ret.)
Benicia School Board Member Dana Dean
Benicia School Board Member Andre Stewart
Benicia School Board Member Bonnie Weidel (ret.)
Dixon City Councilmember Thom Bogue
Fairfield City Councilmember Catherine Moy
Fairfield City Councilmember Pam Bertani
Fairfield City Councilmember Marilyn Farley (ret.)
Fairfield City Councilmember Jack Batson (ret.)
Fairfield Suisun School Board Member Kathy Marianno
Fairfield Suisun School Board Member Pat Shamansky
Fairfield Suisun School Board Member Judi Honeychurch
Fairfield Suisun School Board Member John Silva
Fairfield Suisun School Board Member David Isom
Rio Vista City Councilmember Janith Norman
Rio Vista City Councilmember Constance Boulware
Suisun City Councilmember Jane Day
Suisun City Mayor Pete Sanchez
Vacaville Mayor Steven Hardy
Vallejo City Councilmember Marti Brown
Vallejo City Councilmember Robert Sampayan
Vallejo City Councilmember Robert McConnell
Vallejo City Councilmember Joann Schivley (ret.)
Vallejo City Clerk Mary Ellsworth (ret.)
Vallejo School Board President Adrienne Waterman
Vallejo School Board Vice President Hazel Wilson
Vallejo School Board Member Ace Stewart
Vallejo School Board Member Tony Ubalde
Napa County Board of Supervisors Chair Keith Caldwell
Napa County Supervisor Brad Wagonecht
Napa Valley Unified School District Board Member Kathy Kerridge
Oakley Mayor Jim Frazier
Redwood City School Board Member Shelly Masur

Appointed Officials

Solano County Undersheriff Tom Ferrara
Solano County Planning Commissioner Rod Boschee
Solano County Planning Commissioner Karimah Karah
Solano County Parks and Recreation Commissioner Mike Alvarez
Solano County Fair Board Member Richard Martinez
Solano County Fair Board Member Rick Ernst
Solano County Civil Service Commission Chair Kimble Goodman
Vallejo Planning Commissioner Kent Peterman
Vallejo Youth Commissioner Ruscal Cayangyang
Greater Vallejo Parks and Recreation District Board Member Karol Heppe
Greater Vallejo Parks and Recreation District Board Member Wendell Quigley
Vacaville Planning Commissioner James Woolsey


Daily Republic
Vacaville Reporter
Sierra Club
The Solano Orderly Growth Committee
The Solano County Deputy Sheriff’s Association
The Solano County Democratic Party
The Solano County Farm Bureau
Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific Action Fund
African American Alliance
Vallejo Chamber of Commerce
Napa-Solano Central Labor Council
SEIU (Service Employees International Union), Local 1021
SEIU, ULTCW (United Long Term Care Workers)
Public Employee Union, Local One
IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers), Local 180
Napa-Solano Building Trades Council
Laborers, Local 324
Insulator Workers, Local 16
Carpenters, Local 180
Cement Masons, Local 400
Iron Workers, Local 378
Operating Engineers, Local 3
Painters, Local 376
Teamsters, Local 315
Sheetmetal Workers, Local 104

Your Friends and Neighbors

Dennis Albright, Vallejo
Jack Anthony, Fairfield
Marilyn Bardet, Benicia
Mayrene Bates, Fairfield
Leslie Batson, Fairfield
Bob Berman, Benicia
Carol Berman, Benicia
Constance Beutel, Benicia
Kari Birdseye, Benicia
Sonja Bjork, Fairfield
James and Judyth Blohm, Fairfield
Claire Boyd, Fairfield
Monique Boyer, Benicia
Peter Bray, Benicia
Kiersten Burket, Benicia
Richard L. Burnett, Vallejo, Policy Advisor, Metropolitan Transportation Commission Policy Advisory Council
Thomas Busfield, Benicia
VJ Bustos, Fairfield
Mrs. Verneal Brunfield, Fairfield
Heather Campbell, Benicia
James and Cathy Canaday, Fairfield
Nancy Carey, Benicia
Dr. Kerry Carney, Benicia
Jennifer Carrasco, Fairfield
Karen Clare, Vallejo
David Clarke, Orinda
Mike Coakley, Vallejo
Jerry W. Collins, Fairfield, Solano County Supervising Deputy Probation Officer (ret.)
Terry Connolly, Fairfield
Jeff Cotsifas, Benicia
Raymond and Teresa Courtemanche, Fairfield
Erin and Kenneth Cox, Fairfield
Perla Cuerdo, Fairfield
Laurie Decker, Westlake Village
Lilibeth Defiesta Asera, Vallejo
Jim Dekloe, Fairfield
Kim De Vincenzi, Folsom
Skip Dodge, Sandy Beach
Gene Doherty, Benicia
Diana Dowling, Vallejo
Amy Drake, Fairfield
Lora du Bain, Fairfield
James and Margery Edman, Fairfield
John E. “Bud” Ellsworth, Fairfield, Retired School Administrator, Solano County Office of Education
Christine Ferguson, Benicia
Tom Ferrara, Vacaville
Donna Fields, Fairfield
Gerry Forcier, Benicia
Tonia Freeman and Herb Hughes, Fairfield
Mary Boen French, Fairfield
Manny Furtado, Mare Island
Gene Gantt, Vacaville, Candidate for State Assembly
Cynthia Garcia, Fairfield
Joe and Casey Garcia, Benicia
Hal and Nora Gauger, Benicia
Greg Gazaway, Sandy Beach
Dan and Rosemary Glaze, Mare Island
Jonathan Gordon, Vallejo
Tara Lynn Gray, Fairfield
David Green, Sacramento
Robert Groves, Fairfield
Elly Harkins, Benicia
Susan Harms, Benicia
John Haugen, Fairfield
Anita Hawkes, Former Executive Director, Vallejo Chamber of Commerce*
Dorothy Hawkes, Fairfield
Mary Ellen Hayes, Benicia
Audrey Hefner, Green Valley
Judith Hilburg, Vallejo
Elizabeth Hoffman, Vallejo
Brigette Hunley, Fairfield
Shirley Hunley, Fairfield
Chuck and Sandy Imperatori, Fairfield
Gayle Ioakimedes, Benicia
Jamie Johnson, Napa
Sarah Johnson, Benicia
Mary Jones, Fairfield
Daniel Joseph, Benicia
Barry and Judi Kannon, Fairfield
Edwin Karah, Fairfield
Mary Frances Kelly-Poh, Benicia
Fred and Barbara Kirk, Fairfield
Dorothy Klemmedson, Fairfield
Ellen Kolowich, Benicia
Kelly Kolowich, Benicia
Jane Koski, Benicia
Marilyn Kromm, Fairfield
Barbara Lane, Green Valley
Cathy Layton, Fairfield
Harry and Denise LeGrande, Fairfield
Robin Leong, Vallejo
Leslie Lessenger, Benicia
Jim and Karlyn Lewis, Fairfield
Roberta Logan, Fairfield
Don Lowrie, Fairfield
Lee Lubin, Benicia
Catherine Machalinski, Benicia
Jess Malgapo, Vallejo
Frank Marianno, Fairfield
David Marianno, Suisun City
Holly Mattice, Fairfield
Sharon McAdams, Benicia
Dr. Ruth McClanahan, Fairfield
Paula McConnell, Vallejo
Frances McCullough, Fairfield
Michele McGuire, Benicia
Honore McIlhattan, Valljeo
Michael McKown, President, Rockville Home Owners Association
Billie Middleton, Benicia
Teena Miller, Vallejo
Danette Mitchell, Vacaville
Barbara Morris, Dixon
Cheryl Nelson, Benicia
John and Nancy Nelson, Green Valley
Erica Noble, Fairfield
Juan Nunez, Vallejo
Robert and Rosemary Ogan, Fairfield
Craig and Carole Paterson, Fairfield
Ester Pryor, Rockville District
Amit Pal, Vallejo
Seturam and Padma Pandurangi, Fairfield
George and Alexandra Paz, Fairfield
Alan and Alice Plutchok, Vallejo
Cathy Preovolos, Vallejo
Pat Ransdell, Benicia
Lynn Recknagel, Fairfield
Pat and Jack Renfro, Benicia
Dale Robbins, Martinez
Rachel Rochester, Fairfield
Joanne Rosenthal, Vallejo
Donnell Rubay, Benicia
Ramona Sampayan, Vallejo
Marilyn Schaeffer, Benicia
Joyce Scharf, Vallejo
Fred Schlatter, Benicia
Eloise Scott, Vallejo
Joan Segle, Benicia
Bob Simmons, Vallejo
Lester and Christine Singer, Fairfield
Ed Stahl, Vacaville
Brian Stumbaugh, Vacaville
Hattie Smith-Miles, Vallejo
Jim Stevenson, Benicia
Roger Straw, Benicia
Susan Street, Benicia
Rosmarie Terranova, Benicia
Norma Thigpen, Fairfield
Cheryl Thorp, Benicia
Marc Tonnesen, Fairfield
Sharon Tucker, Benicia
Walter and Virgina Vater, Benicia
James and Yolanda Wallace, Benicia
Tom and Carolyn West, Green Valley
Sidney and Mary Whiting, Fairfield
Juliana Williams, Benicia
Johnetta Wilson, Fairfield
Natalie Woodard, Vallejo
Kay Woodson, Vallejo
Donna Worthington, Benicia
Mike Wray, Fairfield
Sabina Yates, Benicia
Charmayne Young, Vallejo
(Partial list)
*Organizations listed for identification purposes only